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Launched in 2013, Exubrancy now runs on-site wellness programs for over 400 offices across the country.

Liz Wilkes, CEO

Liz is passionate about helping companies and their people thrive. In 2013 Liz launched Exubrancy to help organizations maximize employee health and happiness via in-office meditation sessions, group fitness classes, and massages. Prior to Exubrancy, Liz developed innovative programs for New York City-based organizations (including The Gucci Group, amfAR, The Elton John Aids Foundation) as Senior Event Producer at AAB Productions. Liz also spent time at Trigger Media, a media-focused Venture Capital fund, and recently sold her Seattle-based lighting and design business launched in 2009. Liz holds a B.A. from Amherst College and an MBA from Columbia Business School. She is also a Certified Meditation Teacher.