Exubrancy Practitioner Spotlight: 

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Tammy Fisher, Exubrancy Master Brow Artist

Tammy Fisher has earned her Master Brow Artist title over the past 17 years in the beauty industry. Her acute awareness for detail and precision gives her to ability to transform faces through the reshaping of eyebrows, allowing them to appear more full and natural. She loves bringing her services to offices so others can get beautiful brows during their busy work week without the stress of having to leave work in the middle of the afternoon.



Danielle Revels, Exubrancy Licensed Massage Therapist

You have a lot on your shoulders – no wonder they’re sore! Danielle Revels is a Licensed Massage Therapist who has worked with numerous clients in settings from 5-star hotels to corporate offices. Through her extensive experience in the field, she believes healing begins in the brain and works from the inside out. She also believes that stress can be channeled into positive energy to help facilitate this process. Danielle trained in massage therapy at the Swedish Institute of NYC.




Alex Kantor, Exubrancy Master Barber

From backyards and garages to New York Fashion Week, Alex has been cutting her way around since she 16. She is “a thorough professional” (Thrillist) whose haircut addresses everything about your vibe. She love to create both classic and avant garden looks, no matter the age or hair type.  She is currently the Master Hairstylist at Shortcut Mobile.