"Employee wellbeing" is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot when talking corporate culture. But what does it actually mean? And what sort of impact does employee wellbeing really have on organizations? 

In a live webinar this Wednesday, our founder and CEO, Liz Wilkes, was joined by Laura Hamill, Ph.D., Chief People Officer of Limeade and David Shanklin, Head of Culture Strategy at CultureIQ to chat about defining "corporate well-being" (and how it differs from "corporate wellness")! 

The three of them weighed in on: 
- How to create a wellness program that is right for your company culture
- How to make the case for investing in wellness programming
- Tips for building a wellness program on a budget (or for free!) 
- The future of corporate wellness and how to stay ahead of the curve

Ready to take wellbeing at your company to the next level? Check out the webinar recording below: