We all feel it - the crisp of fall in the air has arrived in NYC. It's a little darker when we leave the office now, and Summer Fridays seem to be distant memories. No need to despair - fall can give summer a run for its money if you do it right. Whether you're still munching watermelon for a snack and planning beach trips in denial or donning a flannel and a beanie while sipping pumpkin spice everything, you can bring these five easy practices to your workplace to make the transition into chilly weather a little more....chill. 

1. Turn up the temperature of your beverage. 


This is sort of a no-brainer, but as the temps outside cool, chugging green juice and ice water at your desk is not the best idea to stay healthy and balanced. According to Ayurveda, an ancient Hindu practice based on balancing the body, cold water slows digestion by hardening the oils in food in your tummy and cooling your digestive "fire," the energy your body needs to break down food. Give your body a break by swapping the cold brew for a warm cup of joe and keeping your desk stocked with a delicious assortment of herbal teas to fill your mug throughout the day. For added coziness, Ayurveda also recommends adding warming spices to your drinks - so keep a couple shakers of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, turmeric and even cayenne around the office to spice things up! Check out Oh My Green to get hooked up with a yummy selection of teas for your team.

2. Book some TLC.

When the seasons start to shift and the weather cools down, our bodies react by closing off, like they're preparing to hibernate. Even the most flexible of yogis can experience some serious muscle stiffness that may need some external coercion to release. That's why getting regular massages isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity, especially in the colder months. Getting rubbed down not only breaks up and stretches those tight muscles, it also has a slew of other serious health benefits. It calms your nervous system, improves your circulation, and aids in stimulating your lymph nodes that support your immune system, keeping you healthy and happy all autumn (AKA flu season - ick). 

This is where we can help out big time. We have a team of incredibly skilled licensed massage therapists that will come to your office to do chair massage for you and your coworkers. You can book a single event, but we bet you'll want to fit it in weekly if you give it a try! 

3. Stay outside.


It's sweater, not puffer, weather. Don't shy away from planning an outdoor team excursion to get some fresh air before we're all huddled inside for several months. Need ideas? Here are a few to get you started:

  • Take the team apple picking AND wine tasting at Applewood Orchards & Winery in Warwick, NY. Bonus: the office will be stocked with healthy snacks (ahem, apples) for weeks after.
  • Schedule a group jog after work before temps drive us to the treadmill. Need a coach? Many of our rockstar fitness instructors are experienced runners who could lead an amazing run club with stretching and cool down included. Contact us to book!
  • Take a foraging tour of Central Park with "Wildman" Steve Brill, to scope out the safe and delicious edibles found in New York's man-made backyard. 
  • Book an outdoor yoga class with one of our incredible yoga instructors - mats included!

4. Bring the outside in & breathe deep. 

When it's a bit too brisk outside (or you are too in the flow to leave your desk), you can still reap the benefits of the green and goldery of fall foliage. Not only are plants pretty and stress-relieving to view, but extensive research done by Dr. Billy C. Wolverton and his aids in the Environmental Research Laboratory of John C. Stennis Space Center shows that plant-filled rooms contain 50-60% less airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants. Beat the circulating of fall colds and flus in your office by upping your plant game. To get your fall office arboretum started, try a Gold Capella (pictured above), Ficus Elastica or Flowering Maple. All three do well in low light with minimal maintenance. Breathe in and enjoy the naturally filtered oxygen! 

5. Snack seasonably.


Although a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte for the non-basic) may be tasty, we all know a sugar and caffeine bomb with a few spices is not the most nourishing solution for the mid-day munchies. Here's where we can again learn from Ayurveda, which encourages eating more cooked, hearty foods with warming spices and plenty of moisturizing healthy fats to balance the affects of the cool, dry weather. Here are some simple, seasonal ideas for office-friendly foods to have on hand or serve at meetings:

Now that you're set up for a fabulously healthy fall, grab your chunky sweater, beanie and huge ceramic mug and go conquer your to-do list like a boss. Just don't forget to throw a little fun and pampering in there in the name of balance, of course. 

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