You know how great you feel at the end of the work day when you come home to the welcome “hello” of a pet. So how do you think you’d feel if you had that same friendly look all day long, only this time at the office?

It’s a feeling that more and more Americans get the opportunity to enjoy, thanks to pet-friendly workplace policies. Turns out, having animals at the office is good for us. Just the presence of animals leads to a whole host of health benefits, such as lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol. Interaction with animals gives you an enviable feeling of zen—with less stress hormones and more feel-good hormones. And animals at work boosts overall creativity and focus, too.

Right now, only about 8 percent of all workplaces allow animals in the office. But take a look at this graphic from PetCo's recent blog post and the reasons for having animals at the office might give you the impetus you need to change your pet-friendly outlook.


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*Tissues for happy tears not included.