Check out these 5 insane office wellness perks to bring up to your boss at your next meeting! Companies like Uber, Next Jump, and The Huffington Post are taking corporate wellness to the next level. 

Peloton bikes

Couldn’t wake up for spin class this morning? That’s not a problem when you have in-office peloton bikes at your disposal. Corporate offices like Uber's are now making Peloton bikes with live-streamed cycling classes available to employees during the workday!


Next Jump’s got it figured out: tired employees = decreased productivity. So what’s their solution? They provide 30 minute Sleep Class (Yoga Nidra) sessions for their employees every day. Yoga Nidra is a form of meditative yoga that has been proven to help people’s sleep quality drastically. Let us know if you'd like to try out a session at your office

Nap Pods

Stayed up late preparing for that big presentation? Instead of refilling your coffee cup, at offices like the Huffington Post you can jump in a nap pod to recharge for a quick 20 minutes. Studies show that napping may enhance productivity and performance in the workplace.

Hamster Wheel Desk

Featured on our blog last week, the hamster wheel desk is an innovative way to bring fitness into your workspace. You can find these popping up in Bay Area offices. The design is public so you can even make your own!

Rock Climbing Wall

Last week we posted an instagram that said "don't forget to play" - and we weren't kidding! At Google, you can take a break from the mountain of papers piling on your desk to climb an in-office rock wall. Talk about an active workspace.