At Exubrancy, we are all about making teams more productive. We have been following some very impressive ways individuals and companies are switching up their workspace environments to cater to the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. Here are our top picks for the most innovative workstation re-inventions!


Hamster wheel desk

Hamster wheel desk.jpg

San Francisco based artist and inventor, Robb Godshaw designed the hamster wheel desk to increase productivity. With no brakes, it allows you to step endlessly towards your daily objectives. Godshaw has even gone a step further by making the design of this project open to the public for anyone to replicate - your dreams of running alongside your 6th grade furry friend might not be too out of reach!


Balance Ball Chair


The stability ball chair is exceptional in its design and functionality. It merges the postural and balance component of a regular balance ball with the professionalism and convenience of an office chair. There are also a number of exercises that you can perform using the chair, making this design one of our favorites! 


Lumbar Chair Support Pillow

We consider this a must-have for anyone tethered to a desk for long periods of time. Built to correct posture by aligning with the natural curvature of the back, this pillow reduces lower back pain and helps eliminate postural defects. The lumbar chair pillow is a minor investment with remarkable returns. It can be purchased for under $40 on Amazon and fits well on most office chairs.


Cycling Desk

This one is dedicated to our die-hard cyclists out there who couldn't fit in their morning spin class before work. With this creation you can enjoy decreased stress levels, increased posture and even some cardio while preparing that important PowerPoint presentation. Pioneering cycling desk creators like FitDesk are redefining the way we work and making the 9 to 5 as easy as riding a bike.


Standing Desk

This trend has been in the market for a while with many professionals incorporating it into their workstations in a variety of manners. It has certainly taken off as a healthy, practical and inexpensive way to improve one’s posture and mental wellness, which in turn increase one's productivity.

Here is a quick video on how to build your very own DIY standing desk :)