Sadly we had to say bye to the holiday weekend, but who says we have to say bye to the outdoor fun? With summer in full bloom, it’s time to continue The Intentional Summer challenge proposed by the New York Times, and bring our workouts out of the gym and into the summer sun. Studies show that compared with exercising indoors, exercising outdoors may improve overall positivity and wellbeing, as well as decrease levels of stress and tension. With that said - no more excuses! We've compiled a list of our favorite outdoor workout spots to give you a head start:

Pier 26 on the West Side Highway, West Village

Talk about a workout with a view - this is a great go-to place for strength exercises and interval training. Lunge down the pier or use the railings to do some barre exercises (pro-tip from our Exubrancy trainers!)

The Williamsburg Bridge

Get in some serious calorie burning with uphill running. You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view of the city and then of course, a downhill finish. This is a great option for weeknights, when it’s not overly crowded with tourists (though you'll see plenty of everyday BK commuters!)

East River Track, 6th Street

This park is on the water if you cross the highway from 6th Street in Alphabet City. There is no shortage of athletes, young professionals, and college students breaking a sweat here. Maybe you’ll even find a weekly Run & Chug club to befriend (one of our employees did!)

The High Line

If you want to people watch AND be motivated by people watching you, take your workout to the High Line. And after you’re done, there are plenty of good eats to grab at Chelsea Market to re-energize.

Riverside Park, Upper West Side

Get away from the craziness of downtown NYC and take your bike down by the riverside. This is a favorite of ours for a Friday night cooldown to wrap up an intense week of work and fitness.

So, what are you waiting for?

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