Hello summer! How glad are we to feel your warmth shine upon our skin and thaw out those winter chills!

While summer is the season of minimal clothing, tan lines, and outdoor events Every. Single. Day. our personal wellness can take a bit of a hit during the summer months. Don’t let your hard work get thrown a curveball and use these 5 S's to stay well this season!


1. Sunscreen
Sunscreen should be a crucial component of everyone’s skin care routine every day of the year, but particularly in the summer months! Take it from an Australian (me) melanoma removal operations aren’t a great end to a blissful summer. And yes, you can still get a tan when wearing sunscreen! Sunscreen protects your skin from pigmentation, burns and cancer! Slip, Slop, Slap as they say down under!

2: Sun (In moderation!)
Even though sunscreen is essential to living a well life, sun-exposure is also an important factor. The winter months (especially in Exubrancy’s homebase NYC) we are covered up for months on end. Sun enriches our body with Vitamin D, which enhances the release of endorphins that make us happy, gives us energy, and it can also help in treating skin issues such as Psoriasis and Scleroderma. Get outside and soak it in! (With sunscreen on)

3: Sugarless Cocktails
There is literally nothing better than a rooftop party on a balmy summer evening, but don’t let your busy social calendar affect all your hard work in the kitchen and the gym. Opt for sugarless cocktails, like a Vodka Soda and Lime, to keep your body and mind well.

4: Sleep
With that busy social calendar in mind, remember to get enough sleep. Sleep is an incredibly important component to living a well life. Adequate sleep keeps our spirits high, our productivity in the office on point, and our body functioning as it should. If you have a late night, make sure to catch up on the sleep you missed during those sleepy summer Sundays!

5. Sippin' on water
Hydration is key to maintaining your wellness during the summer. As our body is made up of around 65% water, the high temperatures cause many to suffer from dehydration for months on end. If water bores you, swap it for a sparkling water with lime, or even spike your water with fruits as previously discussed here.