It is #Tastytuesday again, and we have gathered together some of our favorite healthy lunchtime haunts in Los Angeles! We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, health food fuels a healthy mind, which helps us create better work and keep our productivity levels high! We have previously covered Midtown NYC, Flatiron NYC, San Francisco, and Chelsea NYC, so we thought we’d bring the love to LA. The Exubrancy staff and trainers are always racing around town, and we’ve racked up a long list of awesome healthy lunchtime spots!

Here are a few favorites...

Artisan House:

Artisan House offers organic, locally-sourced, and sustainably-grown food. They are passionate about keeping their patrons healthy, while also looking out for the health of our beautiful planet. You’ll find a regular farm-to-table menu, with omnivore and vegetarian options. They have a fabulous cocktail list, as well as great coffee and dessert. If you like the sound of that- it gets better- they even organise executive lunches! See you there!

Belcampo Restaurant and Butcher:

Belcampo is a wonderful place of many things. They are foremost a restaurant and butcher, but what you don’t know is that they have their own ranch, where they raise all their own animals. The animals are always grass-fed, organic, and Belcampo also have their own processing centre. Here they make sure the meat that is served has been killed in the most safe, painless, and healthy environment possible. Furthermore none of their food contains GMO’s. (Thank god!) How fantastic to see such an emphasis on sustainable meat-service! Last, but not least, the meals are downright delicious and a perfect for a healthy lunch!

Akasha Restaurant, Bar, and Bakery:

Akasha is concerned with practicing eco-friendly, sustainable practices. From the building, to the food, to the staff’s uniforms, all are made with these values in mind. Furthermore, the menu changes seasonally and reflects local and and sustainable ingredients. Akasha has a meatless monday tradition, while also offering delicious desserts, sustainable wine menu, and perfect coffee from Intelligentsia. What more could one want?

Café Gratitude:

Café Gratitude is famous among celebrities and the health conscious. The chefs serve up delicious, plant-based dishes to suit every craving. All ingredients are 100% organic, and locally sourced. The owners are passionate about cultivating sustainable work practices, and providing delicious and healthy options to omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike. Sounds good to us!


The owners of Forage have a goal of being able to provide organic, sustainable, seasonal and delicious meals at affordable prices. Forage forages ingredients from urban growers (aka people in the community who grow their own vegetables). The cafeteria style floor plan makes 'grabbing to go' an easy option here, with choices available of protein bowls, salads, and a diverse range of sides. Yum!

Let us know if you try out any of our recommendations by taking a mouth-watering picture and tagging #TastyTuesday! Hope you enjoy your next office lunch as much as we will!