It is #TastyTuesday and that means Exubrancy is bringing you some delicious, healthy and satisfying lunchtime choices to spice up your work day! We’ve previously covered Midtown NYC and Flatiron NYC, so we thought we’d spread the love across to the West Coast and share our top picks for a healthy lunch in San Francisco’s popular work-hoods.
Here goes…


Mixt Greens has a mantra we can get on board with: “slow food fast”. During the work week, it’s rare you get a chance to sit down and enjoy a long lunch. Mixt Greens makes it extremely easy to grab a meal that is delicious, nutritious and energizing when you are in a rush to (unfortunately) get back to your desk. Founded in San Francisco, Mixt Greens is an eco-gourmet restaurant that serves seasonal food sourced from local and artisanal producers. Want more? They have two locations in FiDi! See you there!

South of Market (SoMa)
Bowl’d Acai is a healthy food truck operating four days a week in SoMa. Founders (and Bay Area locals) Reza Morvari and Angel Serratos wanted to combine their passion for health and fitness into an acai-focused eatery. They offer raw juices, healthy and filling smoothies, and amazing acai bowls. Their produce is always fresh and sustainably sourced, as well as richly nutritious and energizing. You can find them on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Mission District
Green Heart Foods prides itself on being an antidote to the standard American diet. Green Heart Foods caters to omnivores, carnivores and herbivores - no matter your diet choice, they strive to offer everyone an opportunity to eat conscious and healthy food. They serve locally grown, sustainably produced food in order to offer you two things: sustenance and pleasure. What better way to get through your working day than with lunch from Green Heart Foods.

Urban Picnic serves healthy and conscious Vietnamese food. For a little break from your typical salad, Urban Picnic’s meals are different and always full of superfoods. Plus, their ingredients are fresh, unprocessed, MSG-free and gluten-free. Double bonus! Urban Picnic is a fast and casual eatery that is perfect for a quick, unique and flavor-packed lunch break! We feelin’ this…

Breaking for lunch is important, but the work you produce in your afternoon will be greatly affected by what you eat prior. Eating nutritious, filling and unprocessed foods for lunch will keep you going into those tough afternoon hours!

We would love to hear about your favourite healthy lunch spots in your SF work-hoods!
Stay tuned for the next addition of #TastyTuesday in Chelsea NYC!