With the sunshine finally here, you might start feeling the effects of dehydration a little more than usual. Keeping a water bottle close by is always recommended, but it’s especially important during the warmer summer months. Water helps maintain your body’s fluid balance and ensures that nutrients are being properly transported throughout it. Drinking water will also help you maintain your focus, keeping you feeling refreshed and alert throughout your day. Some studies even suggest that it promotes clearer thinking, a benefit you can certainly enjoy at work.

If you’re getting bored of plain old H2O, try and resist the urge to grab a sugary drink or an iced coffee (tiredness is often a sign of dehydration!). Instead, have your water do double duty by both hydrating and giving your body an extra dose of nutrients. Check out this collection of some of our favorite infused water recipes found from around the web.

Strawberry Basil Cucumber (via Budget Savvy Diva)

It might seem like a strange combination, but trust us, it totally works! Basil has anti-inflammatory properties, the strawberries add a subtle sweetness, and the cucumber is a refreshing kick!

Raspberry Lemon (via A Harmony Healing)

Have a sweet tooth? This recipe is guaranteed to satisfy it. A combination of raspberries, lemons and medjool dates, this detoxifying drink is high in antioxidants and will deliver an immune boost.

Pineapple Orange Ginger (via This Mama Loves)

For a little taste of the tropics, try infusing your drink with pineapple and orange. Adding ginger will not only give it a little “zing” but also aids with digestion, fights against infection, and treats nausea.

Strawberry Kiwi (via Eating Richly)

You can’t go wrong with this classic combination. Strawberries and kiwis deliver a sweet flavor, while the mint leaves add a boost of freshness.

Flavored Ice Cubes (via By Stephanie Lynn)

Don’t want to chop up fruit each time you’re craving a drink? Make flavored ice cubes ahead of time so they’ll be ready to drop into your glass of water whenever you’d like! Our favorites are the pineapple and raspberry cubes!