In honor of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d share with our readers 4 women-run companies that know how to treat their employees right!

Founded and run by Tracey DiNuzio, Tradesy’s company culture aims to create a perfect balance of employee perks and smart management. Perks include spin classes and daily-catered lunches, along with dog-friendly offices, and stunning sunset views from their balcony. The office is also only a few blocks back from the beach. Their smart management focuses on employee happiness with flexible hours, autonomy, a family-like vibe, unlimited vacations, and limited emails and meetings! With all these perks, skeptics may doubt the profitability of companies like this, but Tradesy is worth over $100 million! :)

Honest Company:
The ethical consumer goods company founded by Jessica Alba makes sure its employees are taken care of in an exceptional way. At the entrance to the Santa Monica office a tree of life with hanging photos of all the employees greets you. Some main perks include a fully stocked healthy kitchen, free Honest products, summer BBQs, and socially-conscious volunteering opportunities. Employees are even granted flexible hours, 100% covered health insurance, free parking, and discounted gym memberships.

Huffington Post:
Arianna Huffington’s #ladyboss persona isn’t news, but what you may not know is how well she treats her employees. For a long-time Arianna worked herself so hard that she would faint from exhaustion. When she became CEO and Editor-In-Chief of the Huffington Post she was determined to incorporate wellness into her offices in NYC and D.C.. She has implemented two sleeping rooms in each office, so that employees can rest when they need to. She stresses that taking naps at work should not be frowned upon, but walking around the office exhausted and “zombified” should be. Wellness perks include hosted meditation, breathing, and yoga classes. She has also implemented a new type of “out-of-office” emailing system, where employees on holidays can set up their inboxes to automatically archive their emails for when they return, or choose to have the email automatically returned with the name of another employee who can be contacted at that time. Safe to say, Arianna appreciates her employees!

Eileen Fischer:
Eileen Fischer emphasizes the importance of her employees being able to have a healthy work-life balance. Her wellness perks include on-site Pilates, Qigong, creative movement, and nutritional education courses.Employees also receive a $1,000 annual stipend to pursue their health  goals outside of work through massage andacupuncture.  An additional $1,000 annual stipend is given to employees to pursue whatever educational pursuits they choose, like yoga teacher training, pottery classes, and museum memberships.

At Exubrancy, our CEO Liz Wilkes, always makes sure that employees are healthy and happy  We have weekly meditation sessions, yoga classes, and healthy team lunches. My personal favorite perks are team workout sessions - our Sales Director, Allie, will lead a yoga class when we need a pick me up, or Liz will take us to try a hot new fitness class in the city!

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