#Exuberantweekend is here again! The weeks are beginning to warm, and that spring feeling is in the air! It’s time to kick off the duvet, try a new fitness class, do some spring cleaning, or explore somewhere you haven’t been before! The Exubrancy team is heading out on the town for some dancing, hitting the slopes, and scouring the BK Flea! 

Wellness tip: Spring is the season of rebirth. This weekend, try setting some intentions for the new season. Perhaps it’s a new fitness goal, work goal, or even creating a new budget so that you can enjoy a long summer break. Whatever it may be, setting goals is the first step to renewing yourself. Write your intentions down and set a reminder on your phone for 3 months from now. When that reminder goes off you’ll be able to see whether or not you reached your goals, and how good it feels if you did! If you didn’t, then that's ok too. Recognizing when we fall short of a goal is the best way to avoid it happening again.

Liz (CEO):
Skiing at Mountain Creek in NJ. It’s not supposed be the best skiing, but, hey, it’s only 90 mins from NYC! Can’t wait to hit the “slopes” and breath in the fresh “mountain” air!

Allie (Director of Growth):
Saturday I’m starting off the day with a dance class at 305 Fitness with one of our amazing Zumba teachers..apparently they have a live DJ so I’m pretty pumped!! Too bad I’m not the most coordinated dancer. I’m hoping to learn some moves though, as I’ll be joining my colleague Shayne for her b-day celebrations Saturday night.

Adriana (Head of Operations):
On the hunt for an antique dresser this weekend at Brooklyn Flea. Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has inspired me to fold my clothes, not hang.

Alessandra (People Operations):
I will be dancing my Friday night away with some live music at The Showroom at Piano's on the LES. Bair is a super talented duo described as an electronic Sonny and Cher and will be performing, plus it's free! 

Shayne (Junior Development Associate):
Celebrating my birthday! I’m planning on getting it off to a healthy start with a long run on Saturday morning as part of my training for an upcoming half marathon - but I’ll be sure to save enough energy to dance the night away! Looking forward to having an indulgent weekend filled with friends, family and of course great food.

Bebe (Junior Communications Associate):
Planning a night out on Saturday in Harlem. I’ve been told Pisticci Ristorante serves up some of the best Italian in the city, followed by a jazz show at Bill’s Place on W133rd St. I think the vibe in Harlem is really amazing, with such a diverse mix of people. Not only is it a chance to see more of NYC, but it is a welcome change from the downtown/ BK scene.