You may or may not know that March is the official month that focuses on nutrition. With one week left in March it is a great opportunity to use these 7 days as a nutrition overhaul just in time for the spring season!

Here are 3 ways to end #nationalnutritionmonth with a bang!


1. Start with the basics- H20

For the next 7 days really focus on how much water you are drinking. The body is made up of about 60% water, and by the time you are feeling thirsty, you are actually already dehydrated. Hydration puts you in a better mood, helps you focus, assists in weight loss, aids joint pain, makes your skin glow, and keeps your digestive system on track! There is nothing more important than water for your body and mind.

2. Keep it simple

When deciding on what meals to eat, always go for the simple option. And by simple we don’t mean white bread and butter, we mean unprocessed foods. Stick with green vegetables, lean meats (chicken and fish), poultry, fresh fruit, and nuts and seeds. These are real foods that your body needs to be able to perform at its best. Give your digestive system a break and spend the next 7 days eating simple, real food.

3. Cut the daily toxins

While we believe in having a detox/retox balance, there comes a time every few months that we need to be tough on ourselves and give our bodies a break from our daily toxins. For the next week, swap your coffee for a green tea, switch that cocktail for a sparkling water, and substitute that 3pm sugary snack for a handful of berries or a kombucha. (More about avoiding the 3pm sugar call here.) 7 days is long enough for your body to reboot and renew without these toxins, and short enough for us to not go absolutely crazy.


Not only will you feel amazing after your week, you will have gained a newfound appreciation for your health, as well as an appreciation for your favourite treats. Perhaps you will carry on a few, or all of these ideas into your regular nutritional routine. Good luck!