When the sun begins to lower, and the few hours left at work seem daunting, we always like to turn to a sweet treat to “boost our energy”. Usually we pick treats that are high in processed sugar, caffeine, and processed carbohydrates, that will definitely not energise us for the remaining afternoon.

Often, we find that we start our days so well- we workout, we have a healthy breakfast, followed by a healthy lunch. It is the 3pm slump that can make us or break us... So, we’ve shared 5 ways we like to say “NO” when the sugar craving comes knocking.

1. Walk It Off
Get up from your desk and take a 5 minute "coffee walk." Everyone approves of a coffee break, so why not a walk break? But instead of putting caffeine in your system at 3pm, put in your headphones, take a 4-5 block stroll, and call someone in your family you can chat with for a few minutes. Make your mom’s afternoon by surprising her with a random call AND get some fresh air at the same time.

2. Stretch It Out
Instead of meeting a co-worker by the snacks in your office, meet them in a conference room for 10 minutes and do some stretching.  Definitely include a few squats - this will burn some calories and get your blood pumping. And maybe even challenge them to a push-up contest. You won't want a cookie after that, I promise. Why waste all your hard work?

3. Plan For Something Better
If you feel like you need a treat, go ahead, indulge, but not in the form of a pastry. Take 5 minutes to go on Gilt City and find a fun restaurant that’s having a promotion. Plan a date night for yourself and a friend, make the reservation, and mark your calendar. If your craving is really bad, maybe even make it for that night. Having something to look forward to always helps!

4. Treat Yourself To A Workout
Don’t reach for the cookie jar, and instead, reach for your credit card. Book into your favourite fitness class for after work. This will keep you motivated to get through your afternoon projects, and especially motivated to go without that sweet treat! You know how much you’ll appreciate your self-control later!

5. Swap It Out
If all else fails and there is nothing stopping you from having a sweet treat, substitute it. Kombucha, cold-pressed juice, some berries, or natural yoghurt all satisfy those sugar cravings and won’t wreak havoc upon your system or your work productivity.