The Exubrancy team sends its massage therapists and yogis all over the Big Apple to keep office workers relaxed and happy. Having canvassed nearly every nook and cranny, they know all the best places where you can find a healthy and mindful meal. So we’ve decided to share the love! Each week we will be posting our lunchtime haunts of different neighbourhoods for #tastytuesday

For the second instalment in our #tastytuesday series, we have gathered our favourite healthy options for you NYC Flatiron workers! Bon Appetite!


And is there anything sweeter? There are quite a few of these sweet outposts around the city, in particular TWO near your office in Flatiron. Grab a hearty salad or soup if you know what’s good for you!


Uses the freshest, local ingredients you can find. Their in-and-out style outlets make being healthy easy when you're busy at work. Check out your local outlet and have them chop you up a delicious salad ;) 

ABC Kitchen:

Honestly there is nothing more easy than the Alphabet… except ABC Kitchen! They are passionate about serving the freshest, seasonal, and safest produce around. Oh, did we mention Michelin-star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten curated the menu? It's certainly easy to love it!

Fresh and Co.:

Purchase all their fruit and vegetables from organic, sustainable farms in the Hudson Valley, Long Island and New Jersey, as they only want to serve the best seasonal ingredients around! We’re on board with that!


Have just opened their first outpost in NYC. Reigning from the Netherlands, with many outlets across Europe, they are bringing the goods, with local and seasonal produce. The founders of EXKi are passionate about being able to serve fast food without having to compromise the quality, freshness, and nutrition content of their meals.