The Exubrancy team sends its massage therapists and yogis all over the Big Apple to keep office workers relaxed and happy. Having canvassed nearly every nook and cranny, they know all the best places where you can find a healthy and mindful meal. So we’ve decided to share the love! Each week we will be posting our lunchtime haunts of different neighbourhoods for #tastytuesday. 

This week we’ve compiled a few healthy, fast options for you Midtown Manhattan Warriors that offer delicious and energizing meals right by!

Juice Generation

If you haven’t discovered Juice Generation then quickly run to your nearest outpost. They offer delicious and healthy carry out options, as well as yummy juices, awesome and filling smoothies (which are great post-workout if you need a protein hit) as well as a few delicious dessert options and elixirs.

Blossom Du Jour

On those days where you feel the need to just cleanse, Blossom Du Jour’s all vegan menu hits the spot. With meat alternatives like “un chicken” and “v-bacon” you’ll be able to get all the flavors of meat, without any of the guilt. And their bowls will leave you feeling satisfied and energized to take on the second half of your day.

Dig Inn

Dig Inn is one of the many restaurants devoted to delivering farm-to-table fare that is both sustainable and healthy. Because they place a premium on local and seasonal foods, you’ll see their vegetable offerings change with the season and adapt based on what’s available.


Natureworks focuses on delivering fresh and healthy foods that they make on site that day. They are wholly opposed to anything with preservatives in their meals. Since 1978, Natureworks has committed to creating delicious meals that are as fresh as a spring day.