#Exuberantweekend is a new weekly series brought to you by the Exubrancy team. 

Need some inspiration for pursuing a killer weekend?! See what we're up to! We think Friday-Sunday is all about having fun, relaxing, and taking time for self care.

Liz (CEO/ Ultimate #girlboss):

  • Taking advantage of the last few weeks of winter (hopefully) with a bonfire on the beach at the Jersey Shore. Did you know you’re allowed to do that with a permit!? It’s not as chilly as last weekend, but we’re excited to keep warm in the outdoors (possibly with the help of some Hot Toddies!)

Allie (Director of Growth/ Gym Bunny/ Never Not Smiling):

  • Sweating out the work week with my favorite yoga teacher, Domenic Savino, at his Vinyasa class at 6:30pm Friday night. I can't ever think of a better way to start the weekend! Pro-tip: if you find a teacher you love, talk to them after class and ask where else they teach. They would probably love to guest you at another studio so you can try out a different type of flow once in a while!

Adriana (Head of Operations/ Meditating Guru/ Bi-racial Dream Goddess):

  • Setting an intention this Sunday morning by signing up for the Contentment in Everyday Life program at the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York.  Lodro Rinzler, who is a huge inspiration to my daily practice, is leading the class starting in March! :) Carve out your own peace of mind at your local Shambhala Center

Alessandra (People Operations/ Poodle Lover/ Fashionista):

  • I'll be decompressing by taking my dog Chloe for a long walk this Saturday - we are having a puppy playdate at Washington Square Park. Afterwards, I'm heading to Boston to support a charity very near and dear to my heart, The Corey C Griffin Charitable Foundation. We're kicking off the fundraising with a donation based SoulCycle ride - spinning is my favorite high energy, full body workout that is great for any level, which makes it a perfect group work out! 

Bebe (Junior Communications Associate/ Resident Aussie/ Pilates Addict):

  • I'm looking forward to my Sunday! I love taking the time for some self-care after my huge weeks. I always begin my day with a cold-pressed watermelon juice (which FYI is super hydrating and full of electrolytes- perfect if you’ve spent your Saturday night drinking alcohol, or great for after a workout), followed by brunch at Egg Shop on the LES- Tip: Their ‘spandex’ bowl is the best, it’s super healthy and delicious, and will keep you looking good in your spandex ;) Capping off the weekend with a candlelit class at Yoga To The People followed by a good sauna session! Bring it on!

Shayne (Junior Development Associate/ Iyengar Yogi/ Cute Canadian):

  • Saturday night date night is getting started with checking out the vegan options at Paulie Gee’s. This pizzeria is a Greenpoint fixture serving up unique neapolitan fare. Their many vegan pizzas are rumored to be just as savory and creatively flavored as the items on their regular menu, making it a great option if you’re looking for a restaurant to please everyone.