The importance of work-life balance for employees has become an integral part of building a successful business. At Exubrancy, we’re all about expanding corporate benefits beyond the basics to ensure employees’ health and happiness are always being considered. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ll be featuring a monthly roundup of companies that are #killinit with their offerings of employee perks.

1. Venmo

NYC tech company Venmo’s online payment platform has made exchanging money between you and your friends a breeze. The company keeps its hardworking employees, (the majority of whom have strong computer engineering backgrounds) active and engaged through its diverse offerings. Trivia nights and team outings cultivate a fun office culture, while their kickboxing bootcamp, yoga classes and massage days organized by Exubrancy ensure employees wellness needs are met. 

2. Cisco Systems

Striking a perfect work-life balance is a top priority for multinational technology company Cisco. The company has their own health center called LifeConnections to provide onsite medical care exclusively for employees and their families! In addition to primary care, they offer alternative medicine options such as acupuncture and physical therapy, and  have an onsite pharmacy.  Cisco states that the LifeConnections center’s mission is to “connect you to the best integrated healthcare experience that nurtures your whole being - the body, mind, spirit and heart”.

3. World Wildlife Fund

The WWF aims for two types of conservation; employees’ energy and the environment’s! At their headquarters in Washington, DC the company has instilled what they call “Panda Fridays” where employees can take the day off work every other Friday. Not only does this foster a work life balance, but it allows the corporate office to cut down on its weekly energy use. By working a few additional hours on normal days, employees can enjoy regular long-weekends guilt free, giving them time to pursue other hobbies or catch up on personal errands. 

4. Quinn Emanuel

Think law firms are all work and no play? Think again. The hugely successful firm Quinn Emanuel offers some unlikely perks for its associates. They’ve done away with traditional business attire, instead encouraging casual dress to foster creativity. The law firm also piloted a new perk program in 2014, giving lawyers $2000 to work from anywhere in the world for a week. Though the expectation is to put in the same amount of hours as a regular working week, the change of scenery during the dreary winter months is enough to re-energize and motivate employees.  

5. Zappos

Online shoe retailer knows how to keep its employees healthy and happy with their unique approach to wellness programming. Though the company does offer typical perks like free gym memberships and fitness classes, their main focus is developing their employee’s interest in fitness organically. Programming includes “Wellness Adventures” where each week a small group of employees are taken offsite to do something active such as trampolining, laser-tag or golf lessons. The company has also started “Recess Tuesdays” where typical playground toys (basketballs, volleyballs etc.) are left on the worksites outdoor courtyard for employees to come shoot hoops or play catch whenever they’d like.