The Exubrancy team kicked off their Thursday last week by attending the first installment of the Future of Work events held at the Managed by Q Headquarters. The event was a panel discussion about workplace productivity, smart office management, and creating a company culture. Our team members came away inspired by the panellists, the businesses they have built, and their passion for innovating productive business strategies. Each panelist’s passion for promoting a strong sense of culture at their individual businesses was equally surprising.

Moderated by Peter Grant, Wall Street Journal’s Deputy Editor for commercial real estate coverage, the panellists included the founders of PivotDesk (David Mandell), Envoy (Larry Gadea), KISI (Bernhard Mehl), and Managed by Q (Dan Teran).

These companies are using technology-enabled products and services to lead the way in workplace productivity and efficiency.

The Companies:

Managed by Q (known as “Q”), is a smart office management company, which oversees critical business operations—from regular office cleanings to on-demand access to almost any service you’d need to run your office—all available at the touch of an iPad, which is installed in your office for free. Q has found its success in a market hungry for efficiency and productivity. Q takes on the time consuming,  menial tasks of running an office, and lets companies focus on building their businesses.

KISI is a smartphone-based access management system built for businesses. The keyless system allows administrators to control and monitor access to the office and various spaces. KISI has given businesses added convenience and security, giving peace of mind,knowing their physical space is protected.

PivotDesk is founded upon the idea that businesses are dynamic but real estate is not. PivotDesk allows businesses to grow or downsize fluidly within the real estate infrastructure, by connecting companies with excess space, to companies that need it. Their flexible agreements eliminate risks of long-term leases, enabling entrepreneurs to offset costs so they can focus on what is most important- growing their business.

Envoy is a seamless iPad-based sign-in software for guests greeting any workplace around the world. Modern businesses are getting rid of paper sign-in books and using Envoy to promote the efficacy of their companies.  Envoy Visitor Registration automates photo taking, host notifications, and legal agreements that make for a more secure and enjoyable guest visit.

While the discussion was based on how each of these companies are enabling workplaces to function more efficiently and productively, the conservation kept coming back to how this actually creates a better company culture. We here at Exubrancy are all about creating a happy and productive culture for individual companies (as well as our own) so we were super excited to hear that these founders are focused on nurturing a healthy corporate environment also. David Mandell put it perfectly, saying “The future of work should turn the cost conscious CEO into the value driven CEO,” emphasizing the importance of valuing your employees to harness a friendly and productive working environment.

The founders also thought it was important to clarify the difference between company culture and office culture. Mandell said, “Culture differentiates and builds your business, but Foosball tables and catered lunches don’t build culture.” While the foosball tables and catered lunches help in creating an office culture, the real value of any business is reliant on a strong company culture which is determined by every aspect of the business- meaningful work for their employees, effective management and healthy relationships within the company. Additionally, the panellists discussed the importance of creating meaningful tasks and giving employees more responsibility for their work. The result of this is that employees are highly motivated to achieve better results. Larry Gadea said “Anytime you can make a job more efficient, you should. And employees are happier for it,” and we couldn’t agree more that efficiency is central to creating a great company environment.

The future of work is about placing teamwork, satisfaction and motivation at the heart of the productive organization. It believes people are the most important asset of an organization and should be managed appropriately; this benefits both the company and the employee through a better understanding of collective goals, concerns, and ideas. Employees are more than just “cogs in a machine”; they are the organization’s best hope for success.

What a fantastic and inspiring panel discussion to start our Thursday. Thank you to Managed by Q for hosting, we can’t wait for the next installment in the Future of Work series.