From left: Adriana Selwyn, Vitality Institute; Abigail Claflin, senior researcher at the Center for Active Design; and Devin Vermeulen, Creative Director at WeWork. Photo by team member Miranda Princi.

This past Tuesday, June 9th, I attended the Wellbeing in the Workplace: Body. Mind. Environment talk at the Steelcase WorkLife Center in NYC. Two of the panelists, Abigail Claflin and Devin Vermeulen (pictured above), shared their expertise on how best to maximize space and design in the office in an effort to promote employee health and wellbeing. Additionally, Adriana Selwyn provided both informative and interesting tips about how to eat better at work to stay healthy and fit. Below are some of the best quotes from the panelists at the event (no bias, right?).

  • Abigail Claflin's strongest recommendation for offices is to "create a culture of people feeling they can move throughout the day."  She adds, "You could even go so far as to provide exercise facilities ... [a study found] people who felt that they were allowed to take time in their day to exercise were 2.8x more likely to exercise at all!" - Abigail Claflin
  • Adriana stressed the importance for businesses "to see the value of investing in healthy design principles for their workplace."
  • Another cool tip from Adriana? "Promote company fun runs!"