Try this quick and easy recipe to give you an energetic kick-start to your workday!

Mango and Cashew smoothie:

1 mango
2 ripe bananas
2 cups of spinach
½ cup of cashews
2 cups almond milk
1 lime juiced (great even without this)
1 T. of chia seeds (optional)

Peel the fruit and combine all ingredients in blender; blend until smooth. For an even smoother texture, soak cashews overnight in water.

I’ve been experimenting this week with plant-based eating and it’s been an interesting experience. My inspiration? Ella Woodward of DeliciouslyElla, a blogger-turned-author and Instagram celebrity. My sister has been an avid follower of her blog and last week invited me to join her at an event where Ella was speaking.

Here’s what I learned: Ella was diagnosed with POTS – Postural Tachycardia Syndrome - where a person’s heart rate speeds up to 30+ beats per minute. Effects range from lightheadedness and shortness of breath to nausea and fainting. For Ella, it was debilitating. It was while she was bed-ridden that Ella decided to explore if changing her eating habits could affect how she felt. She made a massive overhaul to her diet, going overnight from a junk food enthusiast to a plant-based, gluten free aficionado. 18 months later she was off all medications and symptom-free. She has been healthy ever since.

Inspired by her story and her gorgeous app and recipes, I took a week-long challenge to eat fresh, plant-based meals. It’s been a delicious and learning-filled week and I challenge you all to try it too. It’s amazing how fresh and filling eating ‘clean’ can be! Already I feel more energetic and clear-headed, and I'm sleeping better too. The recipe above is one of my new favorites that I whipped up for breakfast this morning. (photo from