Source: @tiki_barber

 Source: @tiki_barber

Have you noticed something different about New York City office windows while walking to work? Are they filled with your favorite childhood cartoon characters, elaborate dream-worthy vistas, or renditions of famous pieces of art? You’re probably witnessing New York’s fast growing Post-it War. Started one slow afternoon in France’s Montreuil neighborhood in 2011, colleagues at French game designer Ubisoft were playing with Post-it notes and created a character from the Space Invaders video game on one of their windows. To Ubisoft’s surprise, a few days later a pixelated Pac-Man popped up on the windows of neighboring bank BNP Paribas. The rest was history as employees from Ubisoft and BNP continued to compete with increasingly elaborate displays of Post-it window art.

The fun office place de-stresser caught on with other businesses in France and soon spread across the globe. Silicon Valley and Seattle offices started battling in early 2012, and now New York is asserting itself as a competitor in the Post-it War. Businesses like NextJump, Thuzio, and Pulse Creative have already shown off their Post-it skills with depictions of Captain America, Spiderman, Aladdin’s Genie, and more. In fact, Post-it is even sending companies extra supplies to help and encourage offices in their window art battles. The fun competitiveness and natural creativity needed to create these masterpieces is helping companies reduce stress and bring their employees together. After working on an 8,000 Post-it note art piece with the help of 450 Ubisoft employees, Thibault Lhuiller commented, “I had never even said hello to most of these people before.” Next time you look out your office window, grab some Post-it notes and get creative — you may be starting a community building Post-it War in your neighborhood.

Check out our top 5 Post-it art picks below!


  C  aptain America and Spiderman - New York, NY    Source: @postitproducts

Captain America and Spiderman - New York, NY   Source: @postitproducts


   Genie - New York, NY    Source: @pulsecreativeny

 Genie - New York, NY   Source: @pulsecreativeny


  Marilyn Monroe - Belgrade, Serbia    Source:

Marilyn Monroe - Belgrade, Serbia   Source:


  Hello Kitty - Paris, France  Source:

Hello Kitty - Paris, France Source:


  Obelix - Paris, France   Source:

Obelix - Paris, France  Source: