American workers lead stress-filled lives. According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 40 percent of American workers said that their job was “very or extremely stressful”. The American Institute of Stress reports that 12 percent of workers have “called in sick” due to job related stress and demands. There are a number of innovative ways to combat workplace stress, but one of the most foolproof (and enjoyable!) is in-office massage.

The positive benefits of massages are well-documented and include improved mood and greater productivity. Massage can also boost both employee focus on the task at hand, leading to increased productivity, and overall health, leading to fewer sick days. In addition, massage therapy is helpful for people recovering from injuries, both work-related and non-work related.

Looking at the variety of benefits of workplace massage , it is easy to see why leading companies offer massages to their workers as part of their benefits program. Google is one of many companies providing massages to this combat stress. At Googleplex, Google Inc.’s corporate headquarters in Mountain View, CA, employees can sign up for highly subsidized massages. Even better -- employees can grant each other “massage credits” to thank one another for a job well done. These credits can be cashed in to receive an hour massage on campus. Weebly, a website-building startup based in San Francisco, gives its employees free bi-monthly massages. In-office massages aren’t just a trend in tech: Deloitte, a top-tier professional services firm based in New York, also gives its workers table and chair massages. Not surprisingly, many of the companies that embrace massage also report some of the highest employee satisfaction rates.

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