Stress is that disease from which Americans, and, particularly, us New Yorkers, cannot escape. Triggers can be family issues, environmental problems, economic issues, or more commonly, the work-force. According to the American Institute of Stress, 46% of people’s stress is due to workload.

In fact, stress is more associated with work-related issues than financial or personal issues. This stress can then lead to several chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. In addition to the health issues, stress can reduce productivity in the work-force and lead to mistakes, which can have a huge impact on the future of the company. 

Fortunately, stress is curable. Employers can take several steps to ensure their employees are healthy and de-stressed. Here are some stress-reduction suggestions employers can implement in the workforce:

1. Stress Reduction Workshops:

Address the issue of stress head on and hold a “Dealing with Stress” workshop. Providing advice on time management, schedule management, breathing techniques, etc. will help arm your team with the tools needed to tackle their individual stress issues. 

2. Fitness Sessions:

Exercise is a common way one can reduce stress. Dedicating some aerobic exercise time each day can reduce tension and stabilize, even if it is five minutes!

3. Yoga or Mediation Sessions:

Spending some time meditating or practicing yoga in the office will help restore balance to team members feeling overwhelmed.

4. More Nature:

According to interior designer and color therapist Sherry Burton Ways, integrating plants in the work-place brings positive feelings and reduces stress.

5. Work Area Environment:

Also according to Burton Ways, furniture, wall colors and lighting can lead to stress. Having neutral toned-colors wall with softer lights will play a role in reducing stress. 

6. Massage Therapy:

Investing in regular massages at the office can be extremely beneficial to your employees and your company. Massages not only relieve stress but also tired eyes, headaches, tension, and tired hands.

If you need help implementing a fitness session, yoga or meditation session, massage therapy, or any other stress-reduction programming, feel free to contact Exubrancy!