Fretting about staying healthy during the holidays? We've got your back.

exubrancy healthy holidays

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As the adage goes, "Fitness is 20% exercise, 80% nutrition." When holiday treats abound, avoid any anxiety about over-indulging by sticking to these Exuberancy tips:

  1. Go Green - First fill half of your plate with vegetables, then go for the other food groups. This leaves less room for less healthy food options. Studies show that dark and leafy greens are great for your heart and memory--so why not stock up? 
  2. Downsize - Grab a small plate instead of a large one, since you can always have seconds. Let your body tell you how much to eat--not your plate.
  3. Freeze - The holidays are a busy time, which can make it even harder to eat healthy, balanced meals. Do your future self a favor by cooking wholesome meals ahead of time and freezing them. A few of our favorite foods to prep ahead are: hearty soups, chili, rice, and dumplings.
  4. Buddy up - Competition is a great fitness motivator. Make a bet with a friend to see who can stay in shape through the holidays.
  5. The Rudolph Rule - Opt for a red plate, if its available--especially when it's dessert time. Research suggests that red plates reduce the amount of food we eat. Researchers theorize that red acts as a psychological "stop sign."