Worried your brain is slacking off? Give it a workout!

exubrancy routine change

(Image via keepyourbrainalive.com)

Neurobics are activities that are believed to strengthen underused brain pathways, thereby enhancing brain performance. Keeping your brain on its toes with neurobic exercises can lower the speed of age-related mental decline and increase mental agility. Give your brain a boost by doing the following:

  • Perform a routine task with your non-donimant hand (e.g. brushing your teeth).
  • Take a new route to work or through the office.
  • Exercise all of your senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) by focusing on non-dominant senses when doing everyday tasks (e.g. closing your eyes when you wash your hands) or combining multiple senses (e.g. listening to music while eating).

It's workout time! And as with any workout -- don't forget to hydrate!