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5 Gadgets to Increase Office Wellness:

1. On your laptop: Self Control - With more people out of the office and end of the year deadlines fast approaching, time management is of the essence. This app helps you get things done by blocking your access to any website you choose for a chosen amount of time.

 2. On your phone: Way of Life - Get an early start on your New Year's resolutions with 'the ultimate habit maker and breaker.' This app features a journal and analytics to help you stay on track with your short- and long-term goals.

3. On your chair: Chair Cushion Massager - Massages have miraculous health benefits, relieving everything from anxiety to migraines. Bring the massage therapist to your cubicle at any time with this easy-to-use device.

4. In your bag: Electric Face Exfoliator - Keep this portable spa treatment in your desk for a quick and easy midday rejuvenation. It'll leave you glowing!

5. On the Go: Happify - This app provides personalized activities that help you develop long-lasting happiness. By helping you reach your goals and build healthy habits, Happify offers peace of mind by increasing your life satisfaction.