This is not our parents' world.

College kids are majoring in The Beatles, our solar system lost a planet, and Miley Cyrus is the reigning queen of mainstream entertainment. Societal shifts are occurring everywhere, from pop culture to office culture, giving us an opportunity to re-analyze traditional company structures and how we deal with daily company demands. 

With one office in New York and another in Paris, Dashlane, a company that specializes in password management, has emerged as a prime example of a company taking fresh approaches to maintaining a connected, productive office culture. By creatively utilizing technology, they have overcome many of the challenges that come with running a business between two continents. To maintain fluid communication between their two offices, Dashlane uses innovative telecommuting tools like Double and Life Size. Double, a remotely controlled Ipad on wheels that enables employees to have a "double" in the office, opens up communication between office branches and creates a stronger sense of community within the company. While Double enables employees to have a physical avatar running around the office, Life Size takes the kinks out of video conferencing. Life Size's HD video services make it simple, easy, and inexpensive to utilize video in a variety of ways. Whether your company is interested in connecting remotely based team members for a meeting or setting up a live feed of each office that enables employees to see what their peers are doing in real time, Life Size can do it all.

Our team went down to Dashlane's Soho office to experience these office innovations for ourselves:


Dashlane's Soho Office


A Paris-based employee's "Double" waiting for action.


Life Size's teleconferencing system is straight-foward and reliable.


Using Life Size, Dashlane's Soho and Paris offices are able to stay connected via a live feed video.

(Special Thanks to Nishant Mani for showing us around the Dashlane office!)

While new technologies such as Double and Life Size are highly effective work tools, they can also be used to have some fun around the office! Check out some examples below:

  • Don't want your co-workers to miss out on your amazing style? Customize your Double with a shirt or accessory. Get some inspiration here.
  • The characters on the television show The Good Wife had fun with Double using a simple sticky note. View a clip of the episode.